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Stars and Stripes
Oh, I get it! It's because it's night and there are stars and he has stripes on him. It'd probably work better if he was some sort of iconic American character or.... eh it's cool. Not a great pun, but it's acceptable if a little forced. *Clap*

A bit more testing with my new tablet. I have to do a bit of a work around for SAI to function properly in it as the second screen in a dual monitor setup. Once it's working it's really nice. I should see if I can get streaming to work at some point.

Colouring is kinda fun on this tablet. I need more practice at it. Like, a lot more. It's fun none the less and the image isn't the worst thing to look at. I like how this one turned out and maybe the next one will be even better. Hope you all enjoy and we'll catch ya later!
Dull Surprise!
So, got a Huion tablet the other day and I wanted to test it out. I was just pissing around with some poses and then I landed on this one and started to flesh it out. No sure why it caught my eye. Anyhow, after I finished colouring I was really unhappy with this characters expression. It's such a non expression to what's going on. It kinda reminded me of that MST3K episode where they're looking at different pictures of people with these wide eyed non-expressions calling them "Dull Surprise". So the title was born.

The rest of the piece though I'm really happy with. By far one of my better colouring pieces. Like the expression, there's a few other things I'd change if I were to do it over, but it was time to stop on this. It'd take way too much time and effort on something that was only meant as a test in the first place.


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Jack Remix: Part 2

Open on black. Then we see a blurred cockpit from the first person perspective of the rabbit piloting the airplane from earlier. Switch to a third person close up shot of the rabbit to know we were viewing from his perspective.

Rabbit Pilot (Terry)
*holding his head* Wha-? Kelly?

Terry turns to see the damage done to the aircraft cockpit. Snow broken through some of the windows. Kellys' body is strewn about, completely ripped apart from the crash. The remains of her head on the ground staring at Terry.


Terry keels over his chair making vomiting sounds.

After a pause.

Kelly... my god how could I let this happen. Not again.

Voice from the side startling Terry
Hello loverboy.

Terry looks to the window ahead of him to see the fox woman, from the pictures on the wall at his home, standing on the crumpled nose of the plane.

Maggie?! Are you really here?

Look at your face darling. You're in such pain.

Mags... I... I'm sorry. I let myself go. After that day I couldn't...

It wasn't your fault. You were tired and the roads were icy.

The rest of the conversation is done in close-up shots,  until noted.

looking down*

*a hand on Terrys' face* Terry, it was not your fault.

*hand over hers but still not making eye contact* I should have been.. I shouldn't have drove.

*looking on him with sadness* That's enough. It was not your fault. Say it.

*still not making eye contact*

Please, say it.

It wasn't.... I can't.

*Not making eye contact tears welling up.*... It wasn't my f-.....fault.

Say it again.

*Looking at her now with tears down his cheeks. His face still slightly turned away in her hand* It... wasn't my fault.

Maggie smiles at him.

Terry goes to hold Maggie but Maggie backs away. End of the close up shots.

I'm sorry, loverboy. I can't.

But you're right here. Please.

*Holding her own body* More than anything I want to. But we can't be together right now.

You have to be stronger. It's the only way. When you're weak you're more open to suggestion and you've had the wrong side pouring suggestion into your ear long enough.

*the 'five hour energy drink in the foreground* I just wanted to stay awake. To never let the same thing happen again. And... I fucked it up.

I don't have much time. Don't fall into despair. Not forever. Please. It's the only way we can be together.

Look what I've done. How can I come back from this...

I don't know hun. But please, be strong. Come back from this. Whatever it takes.

Maggies' figure floats away fading.

No, come back. Please, just a few more minutes. You're right here!

*the image gone. Just empty space on the nose of the plane* Be strong. I'm nothing more than a bump on the head. I... love... you....

The camera is pulled back to see Terry sitting alone in the cabin in his chair. We end on a close up  shot of Terry undoing his seat belt with only the belt and his hands in frame.
Epilogue remix: Part 2
First Previous

There we go, all wrapped up. Like I was saying before, this is it, I'm not making anymore but I still wanted to set it up so it could be continued because it was supposed to be "as if I was doing the comic". I don't know, something silly like that.

I learned a lot about comics and drawing as I went and I have to say, I have much more respect for people who can keep up with doing web comics on a regular basis. Especially for the guys doing it solo. There's the drawing for sure but there's also the writing, pacing, layout, editing, finalizing, and posting. Each take their own technique and/or time and there's no one else to rely on but yourself. If you don't do it, it simply isn't done. So, kudos to them!

To address the original, I can't say I'm a fan or ever was. That said, this wasn't really meant as a hate comic to the original comic or the author for that matter. I have to admit, it was uploaded to a site that had a negative attitude towards the person and his comic. It was the wrong message to send by posting it there and that's really all I can say. It doesn't help to justify it so I'll say that it was a mistake and leave it at that.

Getting back to this version of the comic though, man is it different. Like, really, I could have slapped any label on it and changed the names and at best you'd probably be like "This reminds me of Jack. You even did a plane crash comic. Are you ripping off Jack?" The characters are quite different and plots and focuses are different but there's enough there to be like "hmm". Anyways, that said I still tried to pull from the source in areas but it's almost Michael Bay level of "following the source material". Perhaps worse.

That all said, I still like my story. It's not great or anything. Kinda slow and rushed at the same time. I also enjoy my characterizations. They could use some more fleshing out and as the story progressed I'd love to explore that more. I'd also like to follow as the original did and make it a variety comic. It all comes back to Jack, but you get to explore the world around not only him but the mortal realm. I feel like it'd help address what Jacks' impact on the world is now. See what it is that this world defines as a good person and what is not. Eventually, we could even look at both the leaders of the Underworld and Paradise. I'd like to keep them similar to how they were in the original. Totally full of themselves and people following them without knowing who they're even following. Discovering the afterlife is just as fucked up as life. There would be some sort of irony in there. Like, there is a plethora of ideas to explore and have fun with. Perhaps it's been done before but it could be a fresh take on it. The whole furry thing could just add a spin on it to point back to ourselves and how we are. Something pretentious like that. But ya, it's all there. You could really have something with it with some work. Maybe that's what the appeal is to other people with the original: there's the potential to do so much with it. With a bit of a rewrite, pretentious or not, you could make a fantastical-horrifying story with multiple levels to it. Eventually it'd disappear up its own butt, but it'd be a fun ride for a while and maybe we'd be better for it.

Anyways. I'm sure there's more to write here. Ideas and things I haven't addressed. Oh well, maybe some other time. It's been fun. Thank you all for following and reading the project and I hope you enjoyed it. It feels good to be finished. Take care!
Jack Remixed Part 2: 36/36
First Previous Epilogue

The original can be found at: This comic isn't intended for gift art, it's just an attempt I made at remaking a bad webcomic for fun (check the first page of either or both of the remix parts for stuff pertaining to why this exists).

So here we are; the comic is at its' end. There's still the epilogue to do but it will be in text rather than in comic format. I'll probably add my final thoughts there.

As for the comic though, it was a slog to get through. With its' setbacks and my declining interest in the project I'm glad I stuck with it enough to complete what I set out to do. I also intend to edit the titles of all the pages from the "/??" to 36 when I get core membership again as I'll lose all the thumbnail links if I do it now.

I'm off to make the epilogue now. It's not terribly long but I felt I could get away without doing it in a comic format. Take care.
Jack Remixed Part 2: 35/36
First Previous Next

The original can be found at: This comic isn't intended for gift art, it's just an attempt I made at remaking a bad webcomic for fun (check the first page of either or both of the remix parts for stuff pertaining to why this exists).
So I recently picked up a Wacom Laptop for myself at a very reasonable price/used and old. I love it. It's about as good for pressure sensitivity as my traditional tablet (250 points of pressure, woo!). The top can swivel around and lay flat so I draw on it like paper or a sketchbook. It feels so much better than the traditional tablet. Good god that was a pain in the ass. I love drawing with it and after adding some ram in it I'm interested in seeing it perform streaming. It'd be iffy seeing as I have about half of what I want for it, but I've streamed with less and this thing is maxed at 4 gigs. Should be interesting in the future.

Another thing I wanted to bring up is my friend :iconcatvomit-inc: is having a tough period and wants to try and do some commissions to help with that. His medication is very costly and a lot of his funds have run dry because of it. If you would, please give his journal a read about it and see if you'd like to pick up one of his $5 commissions. Your consideration and kindness is most appreciated. Thank you!


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Quick look, a distraction!

Current Residence: Here, more or less.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I prefer fruit of the loom personally.
Print preference: The kind that doesn't look like crap.
Favourite genre of music: The stuff that sounds good.
Favourite photographer: Good question.
Favourite style of art: Graphite is my favourite for working in; ink also rocks.
Operating System: According to what?
MP3 player of choice: The one that plays my MP3s
Shell of choice: Shell? I suppose if their prices are cheaper then Chevron or Esso.
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that's on my wall.
Skin of choice: Wow that's hard.... Um, mine thanks.
Favourite cartoon character: If video games count, then probably Zero in X3.


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Guilrel Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Thank you for talking to me and thank you making some art for me and with me.…
Happy Belated Valentine's Day.
Artist-Guy Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No worries pal, it's been a blast.
Guilrel Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
I hope we continue to communicate from time to time. :aww:  Thanks for saying our hangouts were a blast. :)
sanjouin-dacapo Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I love your Jack Remixed comic. Hope you keep it up! It's much better-drawn than the original, and I like the story so far because it doesn't rely so much on rape, and I haven't found any spelling or grammatical errors.
Artist-Guy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the compliment. I'm still working on it despite some technical setbacks. As for the last bit about spelling and all that... yea, give it time, lol. I do go back to fix them when I notice them though (I already fixed a couple ;))
sanjouin-dacapo Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! I was intrigued by the storyline of the original, but honestly, I think Dave Hopkins is a small-time artist with a very big ego. As for his conduct... well, I sometimes have Cool Devices-ish fantasies, but I'm not gonna subject a rape victim to them. Whatever fantasy one has, it's never okay to subject an unwilling participant to something that could be a trigger.
Artist-Guy Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fair enough. I can understand some of the appeal. It seems to start off as a gritty pull-no-punches furry comic and, from my understanding, that was back in the early 2000s when there wasn't a lot of that around. Most of the appeal now seems to be nostalgia or infamy. There's all this time that people have invested in it and they want to see how it goes or if it'll do something else outlandish. The original may not be my cup of tea but I don't mind showing a different take on it.

As for the original artist himself? I've never talked to him so I don't know the kind of person he is. I've seen some stuff about him and from what I've seen I don't like, but I can't fully judge yet.
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You're welcome. I hope it draws more attention to your page.
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